POCONOS, STROUDSBURG (WBRE/WYOU) — Many builder and trade companies in the Poconos say they’re struggling to make ends meet due to the labor shortage.

With fall in full swing, many people are closing down their pools for the season.

One local pool company tells Eyewitness News they’ve had to turn down jobs because they’ve gone from a handful of workers to only two.

It’s all in a day’s work for Little Ray’s Pool Service Company this time of year.

The crew, busy closing down up to 10 pools a day, getting them ready to bear the winter season.

However, only two workers tackled a residential pool in Stroudsburg on Wednesday. The pair are the only field employees of the company.

“We’ve tried different avenues to get people and nothing seems to work. So, I’m not sure what some of these companies with, you know, 50 to 100 employees are doing to maintain the workforce they have, I don’t know,” said Ray Maronpot, owner of Little Ray’s Pool Service.

Maronpot tells Eyewitness News that in all 26 years of operating the business, he’s never found it this difficult to find workers.

“Never like this. The last two years have been terrible,” Maronpot added.

Maronpot says the pool industry has been off the charts the last couple of seasons and they’re already booked out for over a year.

Many projects are scheduled with not enough hands to complete them, something Maronpot says other industries are dealing with.

“It’s not even just laborers or skilled help, it’s every aspect of every business I think is feeling the pinch on employees,” Maronpot explained.

In addition to a lack of workers, fuel prices are also impacting his business.

“I look at what I spent on fuel this year compared to the year before and the year before that and that’s been tough. But it’s just lots of adversity to overcome,” Maronpot continued.

The Pocono Builders Association tells Eyewitness News several builder and trade companies are also struggling to find workers.

They say they’re working with local students to showcase the industry.