MILTON, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Northumberland County Christmas shop has the largest selection of Christmas decorations in the state. It’s an attraction many look forward to.

Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm in Milton started as a Christmas tree farm in 1986 before transforming into the largest Christmas shop in the commonwealth.

“By 2012 we had the building stuffed with ornaments and decided we needed to expand so we added another 7,000 square feet,” said Stanley Kohl, owner of Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm.

Today they have over 100,000 ornaments in addition to stockings, nutcrackers, and other holiday décor.

“We just have so many that it’s always here, there’s always a vast supply of ornaments here. So, there’s never a worry of trying to find that certain one,” explained Kohl.

You can probably find any ornament imaginable here, but that’s not what earned them global recognition. In 2018 they were awarded the Guinness world record for the largest collection of Christmas tree stands in the world.

“Now we have over 1,200 different Christmas tree stands and they’re all on display here in the Christmas shop. It’s pretty neat that people come here from long distances,” described Kohl.

First-time shoppers Dotty and Charlie say they felt like kids on Christmas when they walked inside.

“There was a twist and turn everywhere and more ornaments.” “Room after room and then the tree stand collection they have.” “That was cool!” said shoppers Dotty and Charlie Diffenderfer.

“People come and say, ‘well we saw a tree stand that my grandparents had.’ and it takes them back to such a wonderful moment in their life. It makes it well worthwhile to have all this stuff,” said Kohl.

Kohl says he never envisioned this much growth and appreciates the shoppers that make it all possible.