(WBRE/WYOU-TV)      Who doesn’t love a day at the amusement park! Going on all those rides… It’s thrilling, right? Well, did you know that parts of those rides come from a company right here in central Pennsylvania!?   “It started in the basement of my family house. My dad started this business,” Said Ed Alberts.

 Ralph S. Alberts Co., Inc. in Montoursville, Lycoming County it’s always been a family affair.

  “When we broke ground on this facility here, my grandfather was still living… And my grandfather, my dad, and I all, All had a shovel and took the first dig on this property here,” Said Seth Alberts, Vice President.

  And family is one of the few things that *hasn’t* changed about the Ralph S. Alberts Company’s place in the plastics business.

  “It’s about 180 degrees different. We started out building molds for people, but now we’re still building molds for people but we’re mostly selling parts,” Said Ed Alberts, Owner.

   But sometimes change can be good.

  “The new projects that are in here are, not only unique but… Well, I hate to say really cool, but they are really cool!”

  Cool for the business… And cooler for consumers

  “60% of our gross business involves making the seating and padding for the roller coasters for the amusement park industry!”  Said Seth Alberts.

   If you’re a thrill-ride enthusiast, chances are you’ve taken some twists and turns with some of the company’s main products!

  “When you get in a ride, the shoulder restraint comes down and holds you in a ride. The seat padding itself, the bar pads… Any type of padding that’s made on a ride, we’re manufacturing for the parks” Added Ed Alberts.

 But while that makes for a fun day at the office.

  “I got to ride a lot of roller coasters at a very young age…” mused Seth.

  It’s not all the Ralph S. Alberts Company has to offer.

  “The next biggest slice of the pie, if you will, is involved in medical simulation,” Said Ed Alberts.

 Making products to help medical students and professionals all over the country do their best work.

  “There’s a lot of body parts around in here,” Laughs Ed Alberts.   “Halloween is kind of fun around this place!”

 But you don’t have to be an amusement park junkie or a medical student to be a fan of Ralph S. Alberts Company’s work.  You just have to be a *fan* of one of America’s favorite pastimes.

“We mold, actually, some of the pylons that go into the end zone in college football and professional football,” Explains Ed Alberts.

  And while you’ve got your eyes on the ball, Ed’s got his eyes on the ground!

  “When these things get knocked over during a football game, there’s a little hole in the bottom of them. So every time I’m watching a football game, whether it be college or pro, and these things accidentally get knocked over, I’m always trying to stare at it to see if there’s a hole in the bottom of it.”

A touchdown for the team… And for Pennsylvania industry.

Learn more about the Ralph S. Alberts Company: LINK

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