FORTY FORT, LUZERNE COUNTY– We’ll do anything to help the ones we love… and for Debbie Lefkowitz, that meant starting a business!

Both of Debbie’s daughters played field hockey. When her oldest daughter first started, she said she didn’t like the way the shin guards felt against her skin.

“They caused rash, they caused itchiness,” Debbie told Eyewitness News. “I kind of had an ah-ha moment, where I felt like ‘we need to create something.'”

That “something” was Hocsocx, a field hockey sock made to comfortably fit underneath a shin guard to prevent irritation. The Hocsocx company started in Debbie’s living room, but it wasn’t long before it made its mark on the field hockey market! 

“I would say the beginning 2015 is when I realized it was going somewhere.”

Eventually, Hocsocx would go, not just to field hockey players all over the country, but all over the world. Hocsocx consistently has customers in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Spain. However, perhaps its most impressive customers come from the good old U.S. of A…. in fact, they represent the U.S.A.! 

“U.S.A. Field Hockey became very interested in them as well, and um, invited me to become a official product for USA Field Hockey,” Debbie explained.

If you’d like to give the socks a go, you can check out their website, and order a pair here.

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