(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  LUZERNE COUNTY–   Healthy for the environment, and healthy for you! Oh, honey, you won’t bee-lieve the products one local business is putting out all over Pennsylvania!

If you want to be the queen of the beekeeping business, authenticity is everything.

“We’re one of those businesses that you can literally trace your honey back to your farmer,” Said Hannah Burgess, The Beekeeper’s Daughter.   The business is located 

The Perry family has plenty of experience in that department.

 “Our family’s been commercially beekeeping since the early 1950s,” Said Burgess.

Now, more than half a century later, the family business has a new hive to be proud of.

“I started the Beekeeper’s Daughter in 2010 because I saw a demand for local, raw honey” Explained Burgess

Aside from being delicious, local, raw honey is in high demand as a natural aid for people with seasonal allergies!

“There’s little bits of pollen in the honey… You can’t really see it but, its little bits of pollen in the honey.  Noted Burgess,

“And when you’re taking little bits of pollen from local plants that helps in building your immunity to these plants and things like that.”

Hannah knew her family had what it took to meet that demand. And from the start.

 “I went to the Farmer’s Market that weekend, and I sold everything that I had.

And I said, ‘I’ve got something going on here, people really like this. They like the flavor of our honey!’ Said a smiling Burgess

Business was buzzing!

 “Now we have this, like, 5,000 square foot facility with huge tanks that hold thousands of pounds of honey!” Said Burgess.

But while it might be the main attraction, jars of raw honey aren’t the only thing you’ll find at the beekeeper’s daughter.

 “We have honey sticks, we have honey candy, we have beeswax candles, we have beeswax bars” Noted Burgess.

 Their newest endeavor? Honey soda!  And, Kristina tells us, it does not disappoint!

“We make them all completely from scratch on a gas fire kettle, and they’re sweetened only with honey!”

But as much as human health is a driver for the success of the business,

Environmental health is equally as important to everyone involved.

This is a business with a conscience.

 “Pollen is what helps all the plants survive,” Said Robert McGinley, The Beekeeper’s Daughter.

 It’s up to bees to make sure that pollen gets to where it needs to go.

 “The hive mind mentality of how they work in unison is amazing” Added McGinley.

 Learn More about the Beekeeper’s Daughter  LINK

CALL US: 570-208-4861

A big job, for such a tiny creature.

But a job that, Robert says, is necessary for our survival.


“If we didn’t have them… So all the plants would start to slowly die.

We’d lose food crops first, then we’d start to lose our flowers, our bushes, our trees.

And slowly, it would starve us of oxygen.”

 Right now, the bee population is already dwindling.

 “The number of pollinators even now is astronomically small” Added McGinley.

 Something that, this eco-friendly businessman says you can help change with one simple step: being a little more lenient with your lawn.

 McGinley explains, “People keeps saying, ‘well I haven’t seen bees in a long time’… Well when’s the last time you let the clover grow? When’s the last time you let the dandelions grow?

When’s the last time you sprayed all the weeds in your backyard?  “

All food sources for the creatures that keep our food growing,

 And business buzzing.

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