(WBRE/WYOU-TV) The nomination of Brett Kavnaugh is dividing the nation.
Protestors are on Capitol Hill today.
People have been watching developments.. and listening to the testimony of Kavanaugh — and his accuser — Doctor Christine Blasey Ford.”
    The hearing — heated and emotional at times — has sparked protests nationwide.
     And on this day of a crucial vote in the Senate.. people are speaking out.
Lauren Hensley heard from several today.

Tense times before the senate judiciary committee.
    The nation watched as Christine Blasey Ford told her story.
    She alleges Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while the two were in high school decades ago.   
    Kavanaugh strongly denying these claims.  
    In Pottsville– many people following the headlines. 
“I do think he is going to be confirmed as a judge. Do i think he is guilty of what he has done? I am not too sure. But do I think he is going to progress to a judge, absolutely? It is politics at the end of the day.” said Jahad Baker, Pottsville
    Following the dramatic testimony— an additional background report was requested and performed by the F-B-I.
    Some left wondering — are these hearings politically motivated instead of serving the interest of the public? 
“I think it was years ago. I think they should leave him alone on it.” said Glenn Davis, Pottsville
    But others say…. the decision is clear..
    They say one accusation is just *one* too many.
“No because if he sexually assaulted a woman, how do you know he isn’t going to do it again becoming a judge. He thinks he can probably get away with it” said Amy Spry of Schuylkill Haven