SCOTT TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Are you in a ‘job that pays?’

Manufacturing careers are on the fore front of an initiative launched by Governor Tom Wolf.
A Japanese based company is growing in our area and they’re doing it with the help of that initiative.

Eyewitness News Reporter Cody Butler has more 

 Sekisui produces ‘Thermo plastic’ sheeting for airline passenger seats, mass transit bus benches, trains,  and medical devices – like m-r-i machines –  around the world.

Five-years ago, the company hit a plateau, there’s wasn’t much out there in the way of growth.

It’s a far different story today.

“We’ve gone from 179 employees to 256 and we just hired five more today.” Said Ronn Cort/ President and COO Sekisui,SPI.

 Their employees live throughout Central Pennsylvania.

They found a rhythm, a simple one in fact –  training.

“A lot of it is self-funded from inside the organization. But it’s very simple equation. If we do not invest in our people someone else will.” added Cort.


And they found that someone through the State’s Department of Community and Economic Development.

Since 2010 the agency has given the company 70-thousand dollars to improve the training of its workers.

“Governor Wolf really believes that we need to be out talking to companies looking at.. asking what they need other than just incentives.” Said Neil Weaver, Executive Deputy Secretary, DCED.


 On Tuesday, Weaver, toured the facility to see how the money’s been spent.

Since the ‘Jobs that Pay’ initiative began, Weaver says nearly 25-thousand jobs have been created – and another 62-thousand which could have left the state – stayed in the Commonwealth.

Neil Weaver says Sekisui’s growth is as a model for other manufacturing plants in the Commonwealth.

 “Companies do need help and investments need to be made.” Added Weaver.

 And the biggest investment, says Cort, is in a company’s people. 

 “And that’s really what manufacturing is all about now. Is how people grow into roles they didn’t think they could do.” noted Cort.

Ronn Cort tells Eyewitness News that after more than a decade of losing jobs, program like this are now bring jobs back into the Keystone State.

 If you’ve ever been on a Boeing Aircraft the seats’ plastic  was made in Columbia County.

The Bloomsburg faculty deals with companies in 33 counties.