MUNCY, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A heartfelt thank you recently from a man who went into cardiac arrest while in Lycoming County.

Ralph Hershberger of Jersey Shore felt unwell while driving. He and his wife pulled into a restaurant in Muncy. The staff helped get Ralph into a chair and they called for help. EMS responders from Hughesville and Susquehanna Regional EMS responded. Their quick work saved his life.

“If you can imagine the size of ralph in a seated position and someone who is literally dead weight and unconscious from a seated position into our litter but when the EMTs got on the scene actually five of us girls picked him up and put him on the bed,” said Justine Felix, EMT.

“Upon my arrival, Ralph was found in a lethal heart rhythm so we had to perform the appropriate treatments to get him out of that heart rhythm and transport him to UPMC Williamsport,” said Tim Weaver, Paramedic Platoon Chief, Susquehanna Regional Emergency.

“They were so efficient everything was boom, boom boom, and here’s my husband thank god,” said Denise Hershberger, Ralph’s wife.

The EMTs and Paramedics teams worked together to save Ralph’s life. His wife also told Eyewitness News the staff at the McDonald’s restaurant were like angels helping.