JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— The weather plays an important part when it comes to outdoor carnivals.

In Lackawanna County, one fireman’s carnival saw a decrease in visitors due to the haze and air quality.

Friday night was surrounded by rides, carnival games, and great food, but sadly the Jefferson Township Fire Carnival was negatively impacted due to the air quality and haze of its first two nights.

The Jefferson Twp. Volunteer Fire Company is hosting its annual four-day carnival on the mountain this week and after two hazy nights and a low turnout, the department is hoping to see things turn around.

As one of 14 volunteer fire departments in Lackawanna County, these volunteer firefighters say fundraisers like these are crucial.

“We are not a municipal fire service we don’t have municipalities writing checks for us to pay our bills or pay for our trucks, all of our equipment we pay for ourselves our trucks we pay for ourselves fuel we pay for ourselves all the equipment we buy for the firefighters we pay for ourselves,” explained Jason Crambo the Assistant Chief of Jefferson Fire Department.

And the wish list for equipment this year isn’t cheap.

The department is looking to replace a 20-year-old rescue truck. The cost? An estimated $800,000 and the money from this carnival goes a long way to buying one.

The volunteers both in and outside the fire department prepare months in advance to bring it all together.

“They dedicate hours and hours and 10s of hundred of hours to place and we try and do what we can to better our community and make sure we have the equipment we need for our community,” continued Crambo.

Two of the department volunteers have spent hours of their own time prepping food, setting up, and working with different vendors, but they say it’s all worth it.

“For me to volunteer the atmosphere around it the people are good here so I mean just makes you want to stay makes you want to volunteer and once you get out there and help someone then it makes yourself feel better and helps you sleep at night,” added Kodi Bigilow a volunteer firefighter at Jefferson Fire Department.

“The first time you are able to help with someone’s life makes a huge difference for you so its something to need to feel,” says Mario Leombruni a volunteer firefighter at Jefferson Fire Department.

The Jefferson Township Fire Carnival ends Saturday with a fireworks display at the end.