(WTAJ) — In August 2002 Ames Department Stores across the country went out of business. Over 20 years later, the discount store is expected to make a comeback.

While details about the store’s return are limited, an announcement from the Ames website has teased the return of the department stores in states including Pennsylvania.

The website is still currently listed under the same domain that housed it 20 years ago, letting visitors know that in Spring 2023 Ames Department Stores, Inc is coming back.

At its peak, there were 700 Ames stores across 20 states. On Aug. 20, 2001, Ames announced Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time. Under a year later, on Aug. 14, 2002, the discount retail chain would liquidate and close its remaining 327 stores.

Ames website in November 2002 using Wayback Machine

WPRI, our sister station in Rhode Island, talked with Shannon de Molyneux via email about the possible return of the retail chain. She told WPRI she’s the president of Cross Moline Ventures, which is described as a U.S. subsidiary of a U.K.-based firm in the Molyneux Group.

Cross Moline Ventures however has no website or presence online, causing some to become skeptical. Molyneux Group, which is based out of London, does have an active website that lists owning the rights to two other brands.

WPRI did ask de Molyneux for a phone interview, but she declined, citing a busy schedule.

“We’re currently dealing with a lot of requests from other networks … who want to do live interviews with me or my team,” de Molyneux said. “I currently do not have any time in my schedule until after the New Year.”


Ames is set to open seven stores across Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, according to WPRI’s conversation with de Molyneux, but did not announce exact locations. The stores are also supposed to “feel” the same as the original and will offer groceries among other consumer products.

So will you be getting your “Bargains by the Bagful?” It seems as though Ames will be returning to the Commonwealth, but until more details become available, we don’t know if Central Pennsylvania will see Ames raise again.

WTAJ has reached out to the press contact listed on the Ames website but has not received a response.