SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Saturday’s winter weather pushed back the Scranton St. Patrick’s Parade but it did little to deter Irish spirit in the Electric City.

A snowy Saturday in Scranton, putting St. Patrick’s festivities on a pause. Railyard Restaurant and Bar owner Jay Velar says the postponement isn’t without logistical headaches.

“So I need to get fencing, a stage, porta-potties, and all the infrastructure to almost put on a concert in our parking lot. So to do all that, it’s a lot of extra costs and to have to move that to another day, it’s tough,” explained Velar.

But for places like The Railyard – that see the Scranton parade as a financial “Pot Gold” – life goes on.

“I think people are still excited to have fun, you know they planned to have a good time on this day and go out, and we’re getting that vibe from people that they’re coming out to have fun and have a good time,” stated Velar.

“We’re gonna bar hop all around here, every bar that’s open, we’re gonna go around and bar hop. Keep the festivities,” said Brendan Kelly.

It’s an equally lucky situation for area hotels already enjoying a high-capacity weekend after two pandemics St. Patrick’s.

Hilton sales manager Dee Desai says now, they can try to capitalize on two weekends.

“The moment we heard they were switching it to next weekend, we saw we had the availability, so we are kind of hoping to double down and maybe maximize on both weekends. We’re gonna have to find some new entertainment, but we’re gonna put something together and try to have everyone out two times,” explained Desai.

This is where the parade would have been wrapping up and while Saturday’s forecast felt more January than March, several inches of snow and high wind gusts couldn’t move the Irish spirit.