Instead of a boot, some drivers in the Hazleton area are getting a ‘Barnacle’


BUTLER TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — There’s a new device being used locally for parking enforcement and it will definitely catch your eye.

David Basala, the owner of Wreck Towing & Recovery, explains what this device called the “Barnacle” is and what it does exactly.

“So, the Barnacle is a device that suction cups to the windows and disables your vehicles. We do parking lot enforcement in the Hazleton area so we have a lot of parking lots we do and we can only tow one vehicle at a time. We are running into problems when there are multiple vehicles in the parking lot,” Basala said.

So, Basala began leasing the barnacle. The GPS tracked, immobilization device, suctions itself to any windshield with 1,000 pounds of force.

“It will break the windshield if you try to pull this thing off. So the best thing to do is leave it alone, call the contact information on here, pay the fee, and we will give you a receipt you can give to your insurance company to be reimbursed.

Basala says he only had someone drive off with the device attached one time and the alarm and GPS tracker forced the person to bring it back. The idea is to teach a lesson.

“You shouldn’t have been parked where you weren’t supposed to. There’s big signs everywhere, do not park there,” said Basala. “The reason is to teach you a lesson, disable your vehicle, hope you don’t do it again and my customers will be happy they have parking spots for people.”

A pricy lesson to pay in Butler Township.

Basala is currently the only person in NEPA using this device. See a virtual 360-degree demonstration of how it works.

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