WAPWALLOPEN, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The sound of a buzzing bee can send some people running Afraid of being stung. But, bees have other work to do rather than stinging people. Eyewitness News goes go into the hive to learn about the not-so-secret life of bees.

One of the most common misperceptions about bees is that they want to hurt or attack people.

“People are always afraid of bees. Honeybees don’t wanna sting you. When they sting you, they’re gonna die,” stated Harold Keiner, beekeeper at Keiner’s Apiary.

Though most hives are made up of worker bees with stingers there are a few other major characters.

“All the workers and the queen are female bees,” said Keiner.

The queen mates and lays eggs, growing a colony to fill the beehive.

“The queen can live four or five years,” said Keiner.

The queen will reign so long as she is able to produce fertile eggs.

“She a little bit bigger, a little longer. She has a long abdomen,” stated Keiner.

The worker bees decide who will be queen even before she is hatched- the queen bee receives special treatment.

“The first three days they get royal jelly. If they’re making a queen she gets fed royal jelly the whole time that she a larvae,” explained Keiner.

Most bees just feed on regular food.

“They mix the nectar or the honey with the pollen to make bee bread. Which they feed to the babies,” stated Keiner.

The less appreciated males play a smaller role and have no stingers.

“Couple little popped up ones, those are drones. On average about 5-10%of, the hive is drones,” explained Keiners.

Their job is simple but no less important to the continuation of the colony.

“To mate, that’s the only job once they do that they’re dead,” said Keiner.

Beekeeping is not a simple or cheap hobby but bees can still use our help as habitat reduction forces many bees to relocate.

“I don’t really need a job, but it’s enjoyable to do this,” stated Keiner.

To learn about a local beekeeping course or to contact Keiner’s Apiary for more information at 570-417-3262 or by visiting their website.