WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE (WBRE/WYOU) — Snow shovels and ice melt are quickly selling out. Despite having a higher price this year, customers are piling into hardware stores to get any supplies left.

The snow is starting to stick in the downtown area of Wilkes-Barre. Earlier Tuesday dozens of people stopped by Main Hardware to pick up ice melt and shovels for the first snowfall of the year.

“Today has been absolutely crazy everybody coming in is taking an ice melt, taking a shovel, and taking an ice chopper,” said Brian Kaminski, the Owner of Main Hardware & Discount Pool Supply.

Foot traffic was steady and phones were ringing off the hook Tuesday morning at Main Hardware on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre. Piles of Qik Joe (Quick Joe) Ice Melt are ready for the taking.

“Figure get it now while the getting’s good, there’s a storm coming tonight so we’ll see,” stated Bill Healey of Hughestown.

Being busy is good for business. But owner Brian Kaminski says the ice melt is running out quickly.

“We’re having a hard time keeping stock in house and even the manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with our orders to get it here,” added Kaminski.

“Usually, every year we have a little problem so get ahead of it this year,” Healey continued.

When you’re looking to check out, be prepared as prices have gone up.

Kaminski tells Eyewitness News rock salt is anywhere from one to two dollars more than last year.

When it comes to other household snow removal tools. There are still a decent amount of snow shovels left ahead of the area’s first snowfall.

“But again, that can turn in the matter of a couple of hours,” Kaminski explained.

Kaminski says if you need a snow shovel this year, it’s going to cost you. That’s because both the price of plastic and metal has risen.

A snow shovel that was $15.99 last year, is now priced at $18.99 or more.

The hardware closed for the remainder of Tuesday night. Main Hardware opens back up Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.

A tip for customers looking for snow removal products, buy them early.