EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU)— With rising prices in utilities due to inflation and rate increases, Eyewitness News decided to compile a list of the best ways to save money on utilities.

Best ways to save on electricity:

  1. Look for the ENERGY STAR on products
    • The Department of Energy says ENERGY STAR-labeled products can provide dramatic energy savings.
      • ENERGY STAR office products use about 50% of the electricity of standard equipment
      • ENERGY STAR washers use nearly 35% less water and 25% less energy than standard washers
      • ENERGY STAR dryers use 20% less energy than conventional dryers
      • ENERGY STAR says newer dryers use a “heat pump” that reduces energy usage anywhere between 20%-60%
      • ENERGY STAR water heaters will also help save on gas as well as electricity
  2. Switch to LEDs
    • Switching to LEDs is a simple way to save energy and money. PPL says LEDs use up to 75% less energy and last up to 20 years longer than incandescent light bulbs.
  3. Invest in a smart thermostat
    • According to PPL, a smart thermostat can save you almost $180 every year in energy costs.
  4. Make sure to seal any air leaks and insulate them
  5. Cycle out appliances that are over a decade old
    • Older refrigerator models can use up to four times the electricity of new high-efficiency ones and PPL says this costs almost $150 more per year.
    • The Department of Energy recommends new energy strips to help reduce “vampire loads”
  6. Check the settings on your dishwasher
    • Make sure you load up the dishwasher as much as you can
    • Use the air-dry option, heat-drying your dishes uses energy
    • Check your manual to see if you can lower the water temperature in the dishwasher
  7. Check your washing machine settings
    • Use cold water when washing clothes. PPL says this can cut your energy use in half.
      • The only exception to this would be if you’re washing something with oily stains
  8. Check if your dryer has a sensor drying option
    • If your dryer does have a sensor drying option you should use it
  9. Check out your water heater

For saving on natural gas:

  1. Look for natural gas on-demand or tankless water heaters
    • Researchers with the Department of Energy found you can save up to 30% when compared to a standard natural gas heater
  2. Look into drain-water waste heat recovery systems
    • These systems will capture the energy from waste hot water, specifically hot water from showers and dishwashers, to help heat cold water.
  3. Look into automatic ignition systems for your oven
    • This will save money on gas used for a pilot light
  4. Make sure your natural gas flames are blue, not yellow
    • Yellow flames indicate the gas isn’t burning efficiently and may need adjustment