FALL TOWNSHIP, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We are still a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving, but an animal sanctuary in Wyoming County held a feast of its own, Saturday a feast for the birds.

hundreds helped celebrate the sanctuary’s mission and move it forward.

Love, lettuce, and liberty were all a part of a feast for the birds.

Turkeys, chickens, and ducks dined on melon, berries, and salad on Saturday at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary’s 12th Annual ‘ThanksLiving’.

“It’s really just the most wonderful place to come and the animals are just so grateful to have a home and they show us, they show us the love all the time,” said Sylvia Tagert from South Abington Township.

As hundreds of people scattered the sanctuary to pet birds, turkeys, and alpacas, they also enjoyed a plant-based lunch.

Jazz quartet ‘Hot Club of Scranton’ entertained the crowd before, during, and after the meal as guests purchased raffle tickets and took part in a fundraising auction.

28/22’s Mark Hiller and Paola Giangiacomo co-hosted the event along with Philadelphia Animal Activist Lucy Noland.

Indraloka’s main mission is to allow rescued farm animals to live their best life, but it serves another purpose.

The sanctuary also helps hurting humans heal, learn, and grow from those animals.

“Every year it seems like lately things are getting a little bit more desperate for the humans. we all need to take a collective deep breath and find our hope and find our hearts and turn around and change it,” says Indra Lahiri the founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.

People came from near and far for the event to feel that healing from these creatures and experience compassion. For Patrice Green, the site serves as a new sense of peace.

A new hiking path is dedicated in the memory of her late husband.

“This is the kind of thing that he would have loved with all of his soul,” added Green.

“There is no better way for me to connect with my aunt than to be in nature and to honor someone that we’ve loved and lost,” explained Tam Green Patrice’s Neice.

The sanctuary serves as a place that brings happiness to more than adults.

“I really like the animals because they are just so nice and I get to hang out with my friends here,” continued Hailey Martinez from Mountain Top.

“Indraloka is the best place ever. all the animals are nice. All the people and employees are nice. Everything is just so awesome,” says Montana Mikita from Mountain Top.

To learn more about Indraloka Animal Sanctuary’s plans for the future, and how to support their cause visit indraloka.org.