HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Children and families in the Hazleton Area are predicted to have a new space this summer.

An inclusive playground for young children is being built in City View Park.

Joseph Zeller III, Director of Communications and Economics, shares that the space once used for city events and fundraisers is now a large space for the unique park.

“There will be a lot of property up there and it would be a perfect opportunity to locate it there because it won’t be jammed in,” stated Zeller.

Jeff Cusat, Mayor of Hazleton explained that the park will offer custom play structures accessible to children with disabilities and that its location is just point seven miles from the city’s walking trail where major city events are held.

“The overall plan for that park when I got in office was to make a total family-friendly environment. We basically took a blank canvas up there and installed pavilions and a stage and bathrooms. We also have the dog park. We will be putting in a new bike facility and skate park and this just tops it all off,” said Cusat.

According to Mayor Cusat, the construction of the park is running ahead of schedule with a ribbon cutting planned around Memorial Day.