EDWARDSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — People who shop at a pothole-plagued shopping mall in Luzerne County may soon see a smoother ride.

Shoppers reached out to the I-team to look into the pothole problem at the West Side Mall in Edwardsville several weeks ago claiming their concerns were not being addressed by the owners of the property.

We hear that a lot from drivers navigating some would say swerving to dodge potholes some as much as a foot deep.

“I know where they are at so I slow down and go around them straddle them,” said Bill Hill.

But some drivers don’t know where they are and have had their vehicles damaged or tires flattened. Two weeks ago as we working on the story of a car that hit a deep pothole.

This week some potholes were patched near the Dunkin store. We spoke to Jamie Danko, the director of operations for the franchise.

“The landlord did the work from what I understand they were here on Monday or Tuesday putting some patch in. But what I understand also is that it’s going to be a temporary solution they have a pretty good project planned for the plaza. I know they had some difficulty lining up a contractor but it sounds like they’ve got it coming and hopefully, they’ll take care of the entire plaza for a permanent solution,” explained Danko.

Danko says they have been hearing complaints from their customers and have expressed their concerns to the owner of the Property Signature Acquisitions based in New Jersey.

The company told Edwardsville borough manager Cathy Soprano two weeks ago that the potholes would be repaired in about two or three weeks.

“I’m thrilled that we got something done, to be honest. It’s been a work in progress trying to get it done. Quite frankly it’s one of those things if we could have done it on our own we would have but from a liability standpoint, it doesn’t belong to us,” stated Danko.

But many drivers tell Eyewitness News they will believe it when they see all of the potholes fixed.

“Major potholes. That one over there with the paint around it is mega bad. I almost hit that. It really would have ruined my car. So I’m just hoping they do something soon because this whole shopping center is a mess,” said Kathy.

Signature acquisitions also told our news partner, the Times Leader newspaper a month ago, that the potholes would be fixed in two or three weeks and nothing was done, so drivers are skeptical.

We reached out to Signature Acquisitions for comment on the story, but we have not heard back