LARKSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We are learning more about an alleged assault of a Luzerne County police officer during a weekend traffic stop 28/22 News first told you about Monday.

New details have emerged as well as an exclusive video of the traffic stop on Tuesday. 28/22 News spoke to a man, the good samaritan, who witnessed the Larksville officer being assaulted and stepped in to help. He was then the target of one of the suspects who allegedly attacked the officer.

The video he recorded you can find below and it is intense:

This is 20-year-old Kiyana Mae Daniely moments after police say she and 30-year-old Anwan Lavar Burns assaulted Larksville Police Sargeant Craig Cebrick during a traffic stop Saturday evening. The drama unfolded around 8:00 pm on Route 11. According to Investigators, Sgt. Cebrick pulled over the pair inside a Chevy Malibu for speeding on Route 11. This is a video taken by a security camera at the Citgo Express Food Mart. You see can see Sgt. Cebrik get out of his police cruiser. You cannot see the actual assault on the officer however, investigators say Daniely was driving the car and Burns was a passenger.

Jerry Lech stopped at the food mart and you can see him walking over to see what was going on because at first, he wasn’t sure what was happening.

“The second time I looked I saw the officer’s face he was bright red. I was like there was a gentleman on top of him and he was reaching for his belt area. I guess where his gun is. His arms were moving it looked like he was trying to grab for him and like roll him over at the same time,” Lech said.

Lech says Daniely then joined in on the attack on Sgt. Cebrick. Lech says he saw the two punching, kicking, and choking the officer.

“As I got closer a female came out, she went over, and I thought she was going to get the other individual off the officer but she never did. She started bending down punching and kicking him and stuff. All I could do is start yelling get off him, get off him,” Lech added.

Daneily and Burns got off the officer, he then ran away into the woods and Daniely went back into the car. Lech says he took pictures of the car’s VIN number and license plate when Daniely came at him.

“She came charging at me pushing, slapping. I think she was trying to get the cell phone also because I was holding it back away from her,” Lech continued.

A few minutes later Lech recorded Daniely speeding out of the food mart parking lot.

Lech said he had to do something to help the officer.

“If you see something, if you don’t feel comfortable at least call 911. Don’t just stand around and look at it, you know, and watch it happen,” Lech stated.

Burns was arrested the next day and Daniely was taken into custody that night. They both face a slew of charges. While Burn is locked up and Daniely posted bail, Sgt. Cebrick suffered injuries to his head and torso.