EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — New developments in an ongoing I-Team investigation into a now-closed Columbia County home building company.

Vision Home Builders abruptly closed in late April. Customers reached out to the I-Team for help, claiming they could not get answers or money they say the company owed them.

The owner of Vision Home Builders, Jeff McCreary, is facing felony charges in Dauphin County. This, in connection with one of his customers. But his attorney insists that no crime was committed and he wants the case heard in Columbia County.

The property is the focus of criminal charges. Is located near Gordon in Schuylkill County. In the early days of the I-Team investigation, Eyewitness News spoke to the customer, Ron Herbst. His partner owns the property.

“The biggest question is where did our money go? Where did the money that you drew go? What’s the next step we have walls that could collapse and fall in,” says Herbst.

Felony criminal charges including home improvement fraud and other charges were filed against Jeff McCreary in Dauphin County in June.

The reason, Herbst’s partner lives near Harrisburg. Now McCreary’s attorney wants the charges moved to Columbia County.

“This is clearly something that would have occurred if there was a crime, that would have happened in Columbia County and we would be severely prejudiced by having to litigate this in Dauphin County,” says Attorney Greg Moro, McCreary’s attorney.

Attorney Moro tells Eyewitness News that McCreary is currently working with the State Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection to resolve customer complaints.

In an email sent to customers in late April, McCreary blamed the company closing on the negative financial impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Well, once again we are actively trying to resolve all of the outstanding issues. Mr. McCreary as I’ve continued to say feels terrible about the situation feels terrible how it all played out for everyone,” says Moro.

Eyewitness news spoke to another customer of Vision Home Builders and she says the only way this will be resolved is for McCreary to give her money. She claims he owes her.

As of today, the felony charges have been moved to Columbia County. But the Dauphin County D.A. Is fighting that move.

McCreary is also facing criminal charges, including simple assault. This, is in connection with a violent incident outside the offices of Vision Home Builders in June, involving another customer, this reporter, and our photographer. That case will be heard in Columbia County Court.