LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so says the attorney for a Luzerne County woman charged in connection with an assault on a police officer during a traffic stop.

20-year-old Kiyana Mae Daniely and 30-year-old Anwan Burns are accused of assaulting a Larksville Police Officer in August. They were in court Tuesday to answer the charges.

28/22 News I-Team reporter Andy Mehalshick worked on the story from Luzerne County Central Court.

The assault was intense, so say investigators and eyewitnesses to that assault.

Prosecutors say their mission is to get justice for the officer.

Video obtained by 28/22 News showed Kiyana Mae Daniely moments after police say she and Anwan Burns assaulted Larksville Police Sergeant Craig Cebric during a traffic stop on Route 11 on August 12.

28/22 News was able to receive video taken by a good samaritan who saw the assault and tried to help Sergeant Cebrick.

The assault took place in the parking lot of the Citgo Express on Route 11.

The I-Team obtained video taken by a security camera at the store which shows Sergeant Cebrick pulling over the Chevy Malibu and getting out of the police cruiser.

You cannot see the actual assault. Daniely was driving the car, Burns ran into a wooded area and was captured the next day.

Daniely was shown to be speeding out of the parking lot and she was arrested later that night.

Daniley came to the central court Tuesday wearing a black COVID mask. She waived all charges onto possible trial in Luzerne County Court.

Burns’ hearing was continued since he did not have a lawyer. He appeared in court via video from inside the Luzerne County Prison.

Daniely’s Attorney Theron Solomon points the finger of blame for the assault on Burns.

“Mr. Burns is the real perpetrator here,” said Solomon.

And what about her lashing out at the good samaritan?

“My client happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was very emotional that someone in her vehicle could commit an act like this. It speaks volumes to her that she came forward, she came to the police. She spoke with them, came home knowing they were there. We just want to move forward and put this behind her,” Solomon explained.

Sergeant Cebrick

Prosecutor Anthony Cardone says no police officer should ever be assaulted for simply doing his or her job in trying to keep the public safe.

“Sergeant Craig Cebrick was on duty and it is very concerning when a uniformed officer is attacked and injured in the line of duty. We’re taking this very seriously and working diligently to make sure justice is served in this matter,” Cardone stated.

Sergeant Cebrick was also in court but did not want to comment on the case. He is still off duty recovering from his injuries.

Burns remains locked up and will have a hearing after he secures an attorney.

Daniley remains free on bail as of Tuesday night.