WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) The search continues for a Luzerne County inmate who escaped from a prison work duty early Sunday.

Robert Vargo was serving time on a parole violation when he took off from prison.

Prison officials say Vargo was working right in front of the prison when he ran away. They say he’s not considered dangerous but they advise the public if they see him do not approach him and call 911.

Vargo’s last known address was 99 Water Street in Wilkes-Barre the Luzerne County Prison that was until Sunday morning when he was working on a cleaning detail right in front of the prison and took off on foot.

“He started initially walking toward the courthouse then he started running took off his shirt and he was out of sight within a few moments,” stated Mark Rockovich, head of Luzerne County Corrections Division.

Mark Rockovich is head of the Luzerne County corrections division.

“It actually, I don’t want to say fairly common but it’s not like we have a ball and chain on them like in southern road gangs. They are trustees. These people that have been approved by the court approved by us to be out in society,” explained Rockovich.

Rockovich says Vargo who was serving time on a parole violation on a burglary charge was part of the pre-work release program. In which inmates who are convicted of non-violent crimes can work outside the prison.

“This individual was really working his way back into society. The one thing to keep in mind is the majority of the inmates who are here, everyone should be less than two years sentence. They are going to be back in our community,” Rockovich said.

Vargo was due to be released from prison on September 11th. He will now face a longer prison term for this escape.

Vargo was last seen wearing a tank-top and boxer shorts, he also has a bar code tattooed on his neck. Police say he is not considered dangerous but advise the public f you see him to not approach him to call 911.