DALLAS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — People who live and work along a busy Luzerne County roadway say they have had it with potholes and the overall poor conditions of that road and those conditions are causing safety concerns. Residents reached out to the I-Team claiming their concerns were being ignored by county leaders.

28/22 News checked out the situation Tuesday and did see vehicles swerving to miss potholes and residents want something done about this.

“Well, I’ve been here seven years and they’ve done nothing but patch the road and usually the patch job is not very good. They need to mill the road. They need to redo it,” said the Owner of Ron’s Pub and Eatery Ron Roberts.

Roberts is talking about Lower Demunds and Demunds Road which stretches some 15 miles from Route 309 to the Wyoming County border. He is spearheading a petition drive at his restaurant to urge county leaders to repave the road with his marquee in front of his restaurant urging people to sign that petition.

“Well, local people don’t want to come out here because they know the road is so bad. My customers are saying they don’t want to drive on the road because it’s just destroying my car,” said Roberts.

Residents and other business owners say they too are disgusted with the condition of the road.

“You know it’s a heavily traveled road and the potholes have been horrendous. They just haven’t maintained the road probably over the past seven to ten years. properly,” said Dallas Township resident Richard Love.

“Cars are actually avoiding the potholes and coming into somebody else’s lane and it’s a definite risk for us driving on this road. I just want us to be remembered..pave the road,” Karen Williams of Dallas Township said.

28/22 News took the concerns of the residents to Luzerne County Manager Romilda Crocamo who says Lower Demunds and Demunds Road will be paved but admits it won’t happen overnight.

“Right now, we have crews out there. We’re going to do some temporary fixes. We do have monies coming from PennDOT to actually totally resurface the road that will be a longer process. By the end of next year, we will have the road completely redone,” Crocamo explained.

Crocamo also admits that many county roads are in poor condition.

“I wish I could say the county roads are in these conditions because of years of neglect. The reality is the county roads are in the conditions they’re in because of decades of neglect,” Crocamo continued.

Crocamo says the county will do what it can to fast-track the paving work on Lower Demunds and Demunds Road.