LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — People who live, work, and drive on a busy Luzerne County roadway say a road resurfacing project is creating all types of problems.

Problems that specifically include dirt, debris, and in some cases property and vehicle damage. Many reached out to the I-Team claiming their concerns were not being addressed.

Eyewitness News was on Main Street in Swoyersville where the road project covers a several-mile stretch of highway from Swoyersville to Exeter. This is also known as the ‘back road” and the process is called the ‘tar and chip process.’

It is supposed to make for a smoother ride and preserve the surface of the road. But many people are asking, why is this such a mess?

“Oh, I think it’s terrible, noisy, rocks all over my parking lot,” said Rob Stefanides, the owner of Rich’s Service Station.

Rob Stefanides runs an auto service shop on Main Street in Swoyersville. He says the road project has been a daily problem.

“This week the last couple of days I heard rocks hitting my bay windows right here tink, tink. They are just bouncing off the windows. Like every time a vehicle goes by, all you hear is clank, clank, clank, because they’re throwing all the rocks up,” explained Rob Stefanides, the owner of Rich’s Service Station.

Gene Breznay is the Swoyersville Borough Manager, and the borough building is located on Main Street.

Mehalshick asked, “No cars are parked in front of the borough building is that because of the chips?”

“Yes, I usually park here, my secretaries usually park here. We’re not parking here because we never know when the rocks are going to fly out, hit our cars, and also lots of dust,” said Gene Breznay, the Swoyersville Borough Manager.

Breznay says residents have complained to borough officials, so he reached out to PennDOT..

“But speaking with PennDOT they said they did it for two reasons to preserve the road, so they don’t have to pave it as often. The other is to provide traction in the winter. So when there is ice and snow people aren’t slipping and sliding as much,” Breznay added.

Sean Gaughan lives on Main Street in Swoyersville.

“You know I’m glad they did the road work but it’s the aftermath of what they did that seems to be a little bit of an issue. There’s chips everywhere they really didn’t clean the road up after they layed the chips down,” explained Sean Gaughan of Swoyersville.

A PennDOT spokesperson issued a statement Wednesday afternoon which reads in part.

This maintenance operation is used to extend the life of roads for several years. The ‘oil and chip’ process is a highly cost-effective treatment to preserve the surface of our roadways

Eyewitness News reached out to PennDOT for comment on the situation. A spokesperson said that a representative from maintenance will reach out but we have not heard back.

Meanwhile, state lawmakers say they too have contacted PennDOT regarding residents’ concerns.