EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — As many Americans prepare to observe Easter and Passover this weekend there is sure to be a discussion among families regarding some of the issues we face both domestic and international.

Both senators say if America ever had to come together to address these issues the time is now.

“We got to do something about it. Part of that is making sure that we can provide direct help to families,” said Senator Bob Casey

Senator Bob Casey is talking about concerns about rising inflation in the united states.

The labor department released numbers this week that show inflation at its highest rate in more than 40 years, 8.5%. Energy prices increased 32%.

Economic analysts say the Russian invasion of Ukraine pushed crude oil prices higher.

Senator Casey says that congress must take a closer look at businesses some of which he insists are taking advantage of consumers.

“We also have to take on big corporate interests that take advantage of the pandemic and the recovery from the pandemic to jack up prices,” explained Casey.

Senator Casey says that could mean taking action against those corporations.

“I mean we should have an excess profit tax on big oil companies who are taking advantage of prices and are contributing to the high cost of gasoline,” stated Casey.

Eyewitness News caught up with Republican Senator Pat Toomey earlier this week he argues that the Biden administration’s economic policies have contributed to rising inflation.

“This is what some of us had predicted a massive spending binge that the federal government has been on for a couple of years now so much has been excessive. This is where inflation comes from ultimately,” explained Toomey.

Senator Toomey says a change in direction is needed from the white house.

“So the problem is wages are growing but nearly as fast as prices. So a week in and week out month after month working families are falling behind because prices are going up too fast,” stated Toomey.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to send shockwaves around the globe. Tens of thousands of people, many of them civilians, are dead, and the war shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

The question we hear almost on a daily basis is this:

Is the United States doing enough to help Ukraine? If not what more should be done?

The war in Ukraine rages on daily images like these show the sheer brutality of the Russian invasion we sat down with Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey this week and asked him about America’s response to the Russian invasion.

“We’re going to have to provide a lot more help not just over the next couple of weeks we are going to have to provide months of help to the Ukrainian military if not years,” explained Casey.

Casey understands that the united states can not be drawn into a direct battlefield confrontation with Russia.

Out of fears that could ignite a world war but believe that military supplies should be increased.

“We got to remain committed to that because this isn’t simply about supporting a courageous leader a courageous nation. A determined and courageous military. This is about protecting democracy itself,” stated Casey.

Eyewitness News also caught up with Republican Senator Pat Toomey who argues that the Biden administration is not doing enough.

“We should be doing more, we don’t have to put American troops on the ground. The Ukrainians have never asked us for that. We should be providing all of the defensives and offensive weapons they need,” said Toomey.

Despite the obvious political divide we have seen in the country for the most part both parties agree that Ukraine must succeed if not democracy’s freedom around the globe will be threatened.