NESCOPECK, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s been five weeks since a raging fire killed ten people, including three children, in a house fire in Nescopeck, and the search for the cause continues.

The community is still coming to grips with the magnitude of the tragedy.

State police say the investigation is active, as the fire marshal has not determined the cause of the fire, and at this point, people in the neighborhood say they are still haunted by what happened.

“You’ll never forget it. I don’t think anyone around here that’s seen it will get over it. It’s always on your mind,” said neighbor, Mike Swank.

Swank is a neighbor who lives across the street from the lot where the home that was engulfed by an inferno in the early morning hours of August 5, used to be.

In the blaze, 10 people were killed, including three children, luckily three adults were able to escape the flames. Cell phone video taken by another neighbor caught the early moments of the fire.

“I was about, I guess the second one out there. It was bad, you know? Couldn’t get in there, you know? Couldn’t get in there, it went that fast,” Swank explained.

Other neighbors say they heard what sounded like gunshots in the early moments of the fire, and yet others say they thought they saw what appeared to be a fire line extending from the front porch to the middle of First Street.

Only an empty lot remains, but evidence of the inferno can still be seen, including a charred tree and what appears to be a piece of the roof caught in the tree branches.

Swank says even five weeks after the tragedy, people still come to view the site.

“I still notice a lot of people still driving by slow looking, especially now since it’s all down. You know, still the scar there of it, but you still see a lot of people coming by,” Swank added.

Swank says that he has changed his nighttime routine since the deadly fire, especially since the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

“I know I do a lot more checking before I go to bed at night, make sure you know everything is off. Things aren’t running,” Swank said.

For Swank and other neighbors, it is a deadly mystery that they see out their front windows every day.

“Who knows what happened there? I wonder if they will ever find out,” Swank questioned.

State troopers say the investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. Anyone with any information about the fire is urged to call PSP Troop P at 570-822-5400.