NEWPORT TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s being called the largest economic project in the history of Luzerne County, and possibly the entire region. A natural gas processing facility will be built in Newport Township.

It was announced today Nacero incorporated will bring in 35,000 to 4,000 construction jobs which include 450 to 500 permanent high-paying jobs. And billions will be pumped into the local economy.

Eyewitness News was the first to break the news of the project Thursday.

This is a project two years in the making and local officials say it is a game-changer it will change the landscape of the region’s economy for generations.

“This is a historic day for northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Senator John Yudichak.

Because local officials say, Nacero a texas-based energy company chose to build a natural gas processing facility in Newport Township.

Senator Yudichak, along with state and local community leaders were all smiles announcing details of the project.

“This is about clean energy jobs. Nacero will build the plant 100% renewable energy. They will use natural gas with our abundant clean natural gas stock to produce gasoline that is zero sulfur emissions 50% less co-2 emissions,” explained Yudichak.

The $6 billion dollar facility will be built on 3,000 acres of reclaimed coal mining land near Newport Township and Nanticoke.

“Clean energy jobs good health well-being climate action that’s what today’s announcement is about,” stated Yudichak.

“This is truly a monumental transformation game-changing generational opportunity for Luzerne County that we have all been hoping for for a generation,” stated Aaron Kaufer.

Some people are concerned about the safety of an energy plant in their area the I-Team posed the question to Tom Tureen, the chairman of Nacero Inc.

“We are very attuned to safety as attuned as we are to the environment. But today when you build something for example our tanks have a self-extinguishing function. If a fire starts it’s put out within 90 seconds,” explained Tom Tureen, Chairman of Nacero.

The gasoline processed at the facility will be sold all along the east coast. The project still has to undergo a multitude of state and local reviews, including zoning and environmental reviews.

Construction is expected to begin within two years. It will take four to six years to build. You can listen to the full press conference about the new Nacero facility below.