COOPER TOWNSHIP MONTOUR COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Residents of a Montour County mobile home park say they have had it with the ongoing water problems and reached out to the I-Team for help after they claim their concerns were not being addressed by property management.

Eyewitness News spoke with residents who are frustrated, disgusted, and some are downright angry. They say they just want to have clear, clean water once and for all.

“It’s been a frustrating mess and it always goes on. We’re at our wit’s end,” said Robert Hayden, a Pepper Hills Mobile Home Park resident.

Robert Hayden lives at the Pepper Hills Mobile Home Park near Danville. He showed Eyewitness News what comes out of his faucet and he says he gets brown water on a regular basis.

“Even though we’ve been here two years, the water has never worked well. We always have to buy water. We do not drink the water, I will not even let my dog drink the water,” Hayden added.

Mehalshick asked, “Is it frustrating?”

“It’s beyond frustrating and that’s why we called the I-Team because we’ve had enough,” Hayden continued.

And Hayden is not at all happy that this is happening in his newly renovated bathroom.

“Flush, this is a new toilet. I just remodeled the bathroom you can see the constant ring you can’t get off; stains all our clothes,” Hayden explained.

Hayden tells the I-Team they did not have water for the last five days.

“It’s always been wither pressure problem or breaks in the line. There was an old owner that used to own the place but they were good about fixing things. But now it goes on for days without anything being done about it,” Hayden said.

Eyewitness News went to the park’s office trying to speak with someone from Park Management. We heard voices inside the office, but at first, no one responded. Then the door opened.

“Hello, this is Andy Mehalshick with Eyewitness News. Can I talk to somebody about the water questions here? Hello?

We then heard a male voice from behind the door say, ” I’ll give you 10 minutes to get off private property right now.

Mehalshick replied, Well we’re just trying to talk to somebody about residents’ concerns. Are you saying 10 minutes to get off the property?

“Correct,” the male voice replied.

Mehalshick asked, Is Brian or Phil here?

“Correct, 10 minutes,” the male voice responded.

Mehalshick said, “10 minutes to get off the property? We’re just trying to talk with somebody about residents’ concerns sir, that’s all.

“The park has water,” said the male voice

“Pardon me,” Mehalshick asked. To which the male voice responded, “The parks have water.”

Ruth Fox has lived at the park for 27 years.

Mehalshick asked, “Has it been brown before?

Oh yes, it’s been brown for a while. You call them, ‘oh we are working on it, we are working on it’,” Fox replied.

So to point out, Eyewitness News still doesn’t know who the man was behind the door. Eyewitness News also called the property manager and did not get a response.

A D.E.P. spokesperson tells the I-Team they are working with the management of Pepper Hills on these water problems.

The D.E.P. issued several violations on Thursday against the park management including not properly operating and maintaining the water system, not issuing a water boil advisory to residents within 24 hours after a water shutdown on Christmas Eve, and also ordering the park to provide an alternative water source for park residents, among other violations, like the one below.