ORANGE TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Customers of a Columbia County home builder that abruptly closed it’s door last year say they have been living a nightmare.

They say they were left financially high and dry with unfinished or never started homes. Some customers say they feared their dream home would never become a reality, but that changed when another home builder stepped up to help.

Customers say they were blind-sided when Vision Home Builders near Berwick closed without warning last April. They say they didn’t know what to do or what the future would hold for them. But now, that future is looking brighter thanks to another home builder who says they just had to do something to help out.

When asked how it feels to be in her new home now, former Vision Home Builders customer Amber Bradshaw replied “It’s amazing. I mean, at one point, we didn’t think we’d ever see the inside of our new home.”

Bradshaw tells Eyewitness News that she never thought her home near Bloomsburg would ever become a reality, but now, she and her family are living in their dream home.

“But right now we’re so excited so happy to be here, so thankful for Marr Development. Without them, we could not have completed this. We are really grateful,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw’s property first appeared on Eyewitness News in May. There was only a concrete foundation on the site. But Marr Development stepped up to help. By September, the home was under construction.

“We were just happy to help. Happy that we had the opportunity to help all these people and get them into new homes,” stated Todd Kern, vice president of Marr Development.

Kern and his staff worked with area building suppliers to help reduce costs of these supplies, and built the homes at reduced labor costs.

“Well the most important thing is that the Bradshaws are happy. That’s first and foremost. Hopefully they can put a lot of the things that happened behind them and just move forward start loving life in their new home,” explained Kern.

Vision Home Builders owner Jeff McCreary sent an e-mail to customers in late April saying he had no choice but to cease operations due in large part to the negative financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bradshaw says it’s been a struggle ever since.

“It’s been really hard to hold it together but we did. My husband and the girls were strong, drawn good family unit through it. It wasn’t easy though. Now we are looking forward to moving on, enjoy our house, and enjoy family life again and not focusing so much on negative things,” described Bradshaw.

Marr Development is helping finish five other homes for customers of Vision Home Builders. As for Vision Home Builders, McCreary is facing fraud and theft charges in connection with another former customer, and on Thursday, a simple assault charge was dropped in Columbia County court in connection with a physical confrontation with Bradshaw, reporter Andy Mehalshick, and photographer L Baccera outside the Vision Home Builders offices last June.

McCreary still faces summary charges of harassment and disorderly conduct in connection with that confrontation. His attorney tells Eyewitness News that he hopes to resolve those charges soon.