EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — There are new developments Friday in the investigation into the shooting of a 14-year-old Luzerne County boy.

Owen Brown was shot last weekend inside a Plymouth apartment. He remains in critical condition at a trauma center in Philadelphia.

Eyewitness News is learning more Friday night about the investigation into a shooting that critically injured a 14-year-old Luzerne County boy.

As police investigate the shooting of Owen Brown is fighting for his life at a trauma center his family by his side.

Police investigators say they are making progress and the investigation is moving forward. They are not commenting on details of their work, but the I-Team has learned that a big focus of the investigation focuses on finding the gun used in the shooting.

Investigators say 14-year-old Owen Brown was shot inside an apartment at the rear of 72 Franklin Street in Plymouth at around 6 pm last Saturday.

According to a police search warrant affidavit, Brown was found on the living room floor with a gunshot wound to his head.

There was a spent nine-millimeter shell casing near him, but that search warrant does not mention a gun.

The I-Team has learned from sources close to the case that investigators have been searching for the gun, and that search led them to a wooded area behind the Family Dollar on Main Street in Plymouth. No gun was found.

According to that same search warrant affidavit, four other people were inside the apartment when Brown was shot including a 14-year-old male and a 15-year-old male as well as an adult.

The age of the other person in the apartment was not mentioned in the court document.

We must point out that charges have not been filed against anyone in connection with the shooting.

The I-Team spoke with prominent defense attorney Al Flora Friday he is not involved in the Plymouth shooting investigation but says the presence of two juveniles in the apartment presents a unique legal dynamic to prosecutors. If indeed charges are filed in the case.

“The prosecution anytime you’re dealing wth a child older than 10 years of age who committed a crime for example a homicide. The prosecution will file charges in criminal court and treat the child as an adult. When that happens the lawyer representing the juvenile will go into adult court and sak that the case be sent back to juvenile court,” explained Flora.

We also spoke with defense attorney Larry Kansky who says that anyone connected to the shooting, especially the juveniles have already likely spoken with a lawyer.

“Well behind the scenes the family needs to talk to an attorney immediately and have one or get a public defender because the sooner the better to protect the constitutional rights of the juvenile,” added Kansky.

Again charges have not been filed in the case Brown family members tell Eyewitness News that Owen is holding his own. He’s a fighter and that family is always by his side.