WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — When and how should you get involved to help someone who may be in danger? Danger of losing their life or suffering serious injury? That’s the question many are asking after a good samaritan helped stop an assault on a Luzerne County Police Officer over the weekend.

28/22 News has been reporting on the investigation into the assault on a Larksville Police Officer during a traffic stop. 28/22 New I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick went looking for answers.

There is no template or no easy answer, as every situation is different. The District Attorney advises residents to proceed with caution.

Police say 20-year-old Kiyana Mae Daniely and 30-year-old Anwan Lavar Burns assaulted Larksville Police Sergeant Craig Cebrick during a traffic stop Saturday night near the Citgo Express Food Mart Route 11.

Cebrick pulled them over for speeding and Jerry Lech recorded video after yelling at Burns and Daniely, who he says were on top of the officer punching, kicking, and choking him.

Luzerne County District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce says people can take action.

“So it becomes a basic self-defense case. As you probably know you’re allowed to defend yourself but you’re also allowed to defend a third person basically putting yourself in his or her shoes,” said Sanguedolce.

Sanguedolce says he does not want to deter people, good samaritans, from getting involved, but proceed with caution.

“Obviously, if you go overboard, basically use too much force, you could potentially be civilly liable. But usually, the people use their good judgment when they’re trying to help out they’re being cautious. They are doing something they feel is necessary to save someone from dying or serious bodily injury,” Sanguedolce explained.

The I-Team also spoke with John Chilleri of the NEPA CIT Force, who was a police officer for nearly 30 years, and now helps train officers in northeastern Pennsylvania.

“So we have to train officers safety. People say what does that all mean? The officer has to approach the situation in a very safe manner and approach individuals in a safe manner giving himself the opportunity to keep himself safe. However it doesn’t go as the script would hope all the time,” said Chilleri.

Sanguedolce and Chilleri agree there is no easy answer. Each situation is very different and good samaritans and police officers often have to make life-or-death situations in real-time, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

Two people are charged with assaulting Larksville Sergeant Craig Cebrick Saturday night during a traffic stop. A Good Samaritan is being credited with helping stop the assault.

I-Team reporter Andy Mehalshick has the latest on the investigation and takes a look at what the law says about actions taken by a person who steps in to help in situations like this on later editions of 28/22 News.