LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Luzerne County is still without a permanent county manager, and it’s uncertain how long it might take to fill the post. No candidate has received enough votes to fill the position. So what’s the next step?

Council members tell Eyewitness News they are not sure what their next step will be and are caught in the middle of all these county residents and county employees.

Luzerne County council has been unable to gather the needed seven votes to hire a new county manager.

In two meetings in two weeks, the vote was postponed in the first meeting. Then at a special meeting called on Tuesday.

The eleven-member council was unable to get the required needed supermajority of seven to hire a new manager.

Six council members voted for candidate Randy Johnson, five voted for acting county manager Romilda Crocamo.

“Well, it’s devastating that we can’t have 7 people come to a consensus to move us forward to be able to get a manager in place,” stated Lee-Ann McDermott, Luzerne County council member.

Councilmember McDermott says she hopes that the council can reach that consensus.

Lee ann mcdermott luzerne county council member))
“I do believe the candidates that we have are very good candidates. I would hate to have to go back to the search committee and start all over. I would like to use the candidates that we have and see what the next steps will be,” explained McDermott.

Councilmember John Lombardo says since this has never happened before it’s unclear what the next step will be.

“Unfortunately this is an unprecedented situation you know. The home rule style of government is only 10 years old there’s still a lot of learning we have to do because it’s an unprecedented situation. We are not 100 percent sure what the next step will be,” stated Lombardo.

Dave Pedri was the last permanent county manager he left the position last year to accept a job in the private sector.

“It is an extremely rewarding position but it is also an extremely taxing position. So what we need to do I think from Luzerne County employees and for Luzerne County taxpayers is to try to get the position filled as soon as possible,” explained Pedri.

The county council is set to meet on April 12th they could call another special meeting. But the council members the I-Team spoke with say they are not sure if calling another meeting will achieve anything.