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I-Team: Monroe County neighborhood insists flooding could have been prevented


CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Heavy rains caused flash flooding across our region overnight, with Monroe County being especially hard-hit.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from an apartment complex. And other parts of the county sustained heavy damage.

Eyewitness News was near the Glenbrook East Apartments in Stroudsburg. Residents can still see floodwaters from the flash flooding in the parking lot. People were evacuated in the middle of the night as a safety precaution.

Torrential downpours wreaked havoc for many other residents in Monroe County, especially in Chestnuthill Township.

“They’re banging. Bang, bang, bang. I said, doesn’t sound like a neighbor,” said evacuated residents, Benny Powell & Ruth Ramos.

“I woke up and heard all this noise. I saw everybody moving around. Finally, I yelled off my porch and the guy said I had to move my car and take enough for a couple of days. So here I am,” exclaimed Madlyn Reimel, evacuated resident.

Residents of the Glenbrook East Apartments could not believe what was unfolding before their eyes. In the middle of a dark rainy night. They were evacuated as the waters from the Pocono Creek began to rise.

The parking lot became a small lake. Many vehicles surrounded by water, many people went to a shelter on the campus of East Stroudsburg University. By late in the day, some of the residents were making their way back home.

“It seems to be getting more serious. I’ve only been here 3 and a half-four years each year it’s getting worse and worse,” said Mike Slaniak, Chestnuthill Twp.

Mike Slaniak says his home in the Country Terrace Estates in Chestnuthill Township became an island as flash flood waters surrounded his home.

“Me and the wife have been up since 11 o’clock last night pumping the basement, vaccuming. Oh yeah, the water was completely over my driveway. It came down about three feet already so luckily the basement is starting to ease up on me,” said Slaniak.

Vince Ceglia has lived in this neighborhood for 21 years he believes that poor drainage is causing this problem.

“Well, we have a problem with the rain water coming down the hill behind ken’s house next door,” Ceglia said. “It comes down like a 6-foot-river from a crossover pipe that was put in years ago by the township under the road. I’ve asked them to do repairs and stuff fix it… They won’t do anything.”

Chestnuthill Township officials including the township manager and engineer toured the Country Estates neighborhood Tuesday morning to check out ongoing flooding problems that residents say are being caused by a poor drainage system in the neighborhood.

Township Manager Dave Albright says the township is working to resolve the flooding problems and that includes upgrading the drainage system.

Albright says it won’t happen overnight, but the wheels are in motion. Factors include finances and working with property owners in that neighborhood, to access the drain pipes under the streets.

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