HARVEY’S LAKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We are learning more about an FBI investigation into Harvey’s Lake Borough. 28/22 News has confirmed the investigation has been ongoing for more than a year now.

We’ve learned that the FBI probe appears to be focused on Harvey’s Lake Zoning and Code Office, specifically zoning and code officer Maureen Oremus. Oremus says she has nothing to hide and welcomes an FBI investigation.

“It’s just a witchhunt,” said Harvey’s Lake Zoning and Code Officer Maureen Oremus.

The I-Team spoke tuesday with Oremus and harveys lake council member Michelle Boice tuesday at the Harveys Lake Borough Building.

“You know is the focus on me? I really don’t know. A good portion of the questions, they asked a good portion of questions about me,” Oremus said.

Boice says she was interviewed by the FBI and most of the questions dealt with Oremus. Boice stands by Oremus and the decisions she’s made as zoning and code officer.

“There are disgruntled people for the most part, there are many many more people who are standing up for Maureen and what a good job she’s doing,” Boice explained.

Manny Santayana owns property at Harveys Lake. He has formed a group that is raising questions and concerns about zoning and code decisions made by oremus. He says he too has been interviewed by the FBI.

“It’s real simple, it’s select enforcement that leads to government negligence, that’s the bottom line. That’s the claim that multiple residents have here,” Santayana said.

Santayana says Oremus steered work to her boyfriend who is a longtime contractor at Harvey’s Lake.

“It just depends who you are, how she wants to treat you,” said Santayana.

Oremus fires back at any notion that she gives preferential treatment or that her boyfriend benefits from her position.

“It’s ridiculous to think that I would have a boyfriend who worked here for 40 years of which 30 prior to my employment and he just waited around hoping that someday would have a zoning officer to date to get work. It’s ridiculous. People are lined up for two years to work with him. I definitely do not refer work to him at all,” Oremus explained.

Oremus’ boyfriend did not want to comment on the investigation. A spokesperson for the FBI would neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation into Harvey’s Lake Borough.

28/22 News will continue to work on this story and will provide more information as it becomes available.