ORANGE TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Some customers of a now-defunct Columbia County home building company are seeing their new homes being built, but not by the company they had originally hired.

The I-Team has been looking into the abrupt closing of Vision Home Builders near Berwick for the past several months.

Customers of Vision Home Builders told the I-team they feared they would never live in their dream homes, but now that another company stepped in to help, they may have that chance.

“Well, I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a different feeling with the guys when they’re out here. They understand what they’re doing,” said Todd Kern.

Todd Kern from Marr Development showed Eyewitness News the work being done on the Bradshaw family home near Bloomsburg. Back in May, it was only a foundation.

“Well, we spoke to a lot of our suppliers, and a lot of our suppliers stepped up to the plate is what they did. They understand the situation so they are giving us some discounts. We’re building the home for labor and material price only to help out the Bradshaw’s in their situation,” Kern told Eyewitness News.

For Amber Bradshaw, it is something she never thought she would ever see.

“It’s unbelievable at this point. For a little bit there I didn’t think we were ever going to have a home again and when we are up there we’re always up there we are so excited. My daughter is so excited,” Bradshaw explained.

Jeff McCreary, the owner of Vision Home Builders, sent emails to customers in late April saying he had no choice but to close the doors. He said it was in large part due to the negative financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers said they never saw it coming and were left in a financial lurch. McCreary is now facing felony theft and fraud charges in Dauphin County in connection with one customer.

He also faces charges in Columbia County court in connection with a violent confrontation with Bradshaw and the I-Team in front of the vision offices in June.

McCreary’s attorney, Greg Moro recently told the I-team that McCreary is working with the State Attorney General’s Office to resolve customer complaints.

“Well, once again we are actively trying to resolve all of the outstanding issues. Mr. Mccreary as I’ve continued to say feels terrible about the situation..Feels terrible how it played out for everyone,” Moro said.

Attorney Moro said he is pleased that these homes are being finished and again insists that no crime was committed by McCreary.

Marr Development told Eyewitness News they will be finishing the homes of five Vision Home customers in the months ahead.