EDWARDSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Potholes so huge that they can swallow a vehicle. That’s what many people who shop at a Luzerne County mall say.

Many have reached out to the I-Team to look into the problem because they say their concerns are falling on deaf ears.

One of the potholes that dot the landscape at the West Side Mall. It is nearly a foot deep and we saw first-hand, the frustration and in some cases anger.

People just want to know, why isn’t something being done about the pothole problem?

“This has been ongoing for quite some time now. It’s a mess. I can’t believe that they let it go this far,” said J.J Vaasello from Edwardsville.

Car after car truck after truck doing their best to avoid large potholes on access roads in the West Side Mall as well as in the parking lot.

“You can’t even come here to shop. You’re worried about blowing a tire and rim. You come here for a $5 dollar lunch over at price chopper you leave here with an 80-90 dollar bill because you blew out a tire. It’s ridiculous at this point,” explained Vaasello.

“Oh, it’s absolutely awful that there have been potholes that big and no one is doing anything about that. I wonder if somebody that they are going to blow a tire,” said Ryan Reino.

We saw first and hear first what these potholes can do as we were interviewing a driver about the potholes a car blew a tire.

Eyewitness News tracked down the driver, a woman with a three-year-old child she didn’t want to talk about it but was very upset.

So why aren’t these potholes being fixed we went to Edwardsville Borough officials looking for answers we spoke to borough manager Cathy Soprano.

“Our hands are tied it’s private property. We have checked as many avenues as we possibly could. Our code Enforcement Officer Dave Soraki phones our zoning attorney and since it’s private we have no jurisdiction. We have no ordinance the borough is just as frustrated believe me,” stated Cathy Soprano, Edwardsville borough manager

Soprano says they have called the owner of the property ad got no results.

“We have made so many phone calls to the shopping center. We get promise after promise they are going to do something as you see yourself nothing is being done.”

We asked Soprano why the borough can’t take action against the owner of the property from a quality of life or safety perspective she says the brogue does not have such an ordinance on the books.

That may change moving forward we also reached out to the owner of the property. A company called “signature acquisitions” based in New Jersey we have not heard back from the company.

All of this comes after the Times Leader Newspaper, my colleague Bill O’Boyle did a report on June 7, at that time a company official said they were going to fix these potholes soon.

Several state lawmakers said they too would reach out to the company to try to get this problem resolved.