SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Eyewitness News has an update on a three-month-long, I-Team investigation into a now-closed Columbia County Home Building Company.

For the first time since ‘Vision Home Builders abruptly closed its doors in late April, Eyewitness News heard from the company, the attorney representing the company, and its owner spoke with Eyewitness News.

For the first time since the I-Team began looking into customer concerns, three months ago, Eyewitness News heard from the company.

On Monday Eyewitness News spoke with the attorney who represents Jeff McCreary, the owner of Vision Home Builders, who insists the situation is all about a failed business. For the first time since the I-Team began looking into customer concerns three months ago, Eyewitness News heard from the company.

“We’re barely holding up. We have small children, we had to take another loan out, It’s never-ending,” stated Amber Bradshaw, a customer of Vision Home Builders.

Amber Bradshaw fought back tears as she described what she and her family have been going through. Since they received word in late April from Vision Home Builders Owner, Jeff McCreary, That the company had no choice but to close its doors, due in large part to the negative financial impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bradshaw claims that McCreary owes her more than $100,000 and now has only a foundation to show for it. Her new home sight near Bloomsburg spoke on Monday to Attorney Greg Moro who represents McCreary and Vision Home Builders.

“He clearly wanted to succeed and if he could rectify the situation for everybody he certainly would. But it doesn’t look like quote unquote. It’s in the cards. He will resolve whatever cases he can resolve and unfortunately, there’s going to be some people who are going to be unsatisfied with the resolution, explained Attorney Greg Moro, represents Jeff McCreary”

Also involved is Todd Kern, the Vice President of Marr Development in Bloomsburg. The company is helping at least three former vision customers, like Bradshaw finish their homes.

“A few customers reached out to us, we reached out to a few customers when we had all the names. We have three contracts signed to help these people out from their nightmare that they are going through,” shared Todd Kern, Vice President of Marr Development.

Kern says they are working with their contacts to make it happen.

“We are taking all the profit out we are doing material and labor only. These people need help and we are glad we are able to do this,” Kern added.

McCreary faces criminal fraud and theft charges in Dauphin County in connection with a customer who had a home being built in Schuylkill County.

On Monday, McCreary waived criminal charges, including simple assault and harassment in connection with a violent confrontation that took place in front of Vision Home Builders offices in June involving Bradshaw, I-Team reporter, Andy Mehalshick, and Eyewitness News photographer, L. Bacerra.

SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP, COLOMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — There are new developments Monday evening, in an ongoing I-Team investigation into a now-closed Columbia County home building company.

Vision Home Builders near Berwick abruptly closed its doors in late April. Customers reached out to the I-Team for help saying they were left financially high and dry with new homes that were never completed or never started.

“We want to try and resolve things. But the business does not have any money at this point. It’s a defunct business,” explained Attorney Greg Moro.

Attorney Greg Moro insists his client, Jeff McCreary, never planned to close Vision Home Builders in April.

“This really revolves around a failed business. I know you’ve been asking a lot of questions about this. Mr. McCreary clearly wanted to build everyone’s home. But with the pandemic and 300 percent cost raises, supply chain issues. It just became obvious at some point that he was not going to be able to do that,” stated Attorney Moro.

In late April as the I-Team had been reporting, McCreary sent emails to customers telling customers he had no choice but to cease operations and could not complete their home. Customers like Amber Bradshaw whose home near Bloomsburg was unfinished. Contacted the I-Team saying she could not get answers or her money back, Moro told the I-Team, Monday.

“I was not involved at that point in time but I think what happened, the business closed down and there was a lack of communication or minimal communication with some of the customers. We have attempted to resolve those couple that you are talking about and I think we are going to resolve them. One of them is fully resolved right now,” Moro added.

Monday Eyewitness News spoke to Attorney Moro outside District Court in Berwick. Moro waived criminal charges onto Columbia County Court. They were filed in connection with a violent confrontation that took place in front of Vision Home Builders in June, involving Bradshaw This reporter, and our Eyewitness News photographer.

During the confrontation the following was said, “Get out of here, keep it up, you’re going to jail. No, you’re going to jail.”

Mehalshick asked, “Can we ask who you are sir?” “I’m the owner of the property,” McCreary responded. Mehalshick said, “My name is Andy Mehalshick, no reason for an assault.” “I’m tired of this,” McCreary shouted.

Eyewitness News asked Attorney more if there is any chance that Bradshaw or other customers could get their money returned or have their homes finished.

“Simply, the business it’s a failed business. It does not have any money and will not be able to compensate homeowners for what’s happened. I tell you that Mr. Mccreary feels terrible about the situation,” Moro added.

Amber Bradshaw came to District Court in Berwick, Monday, expecting to testify about the confrontation.

“Yeah, we would like some of our money back. He owes us well over $100,000. We’re not well-off people.We work hard for what we have.”

Attorney Moro tells Eyewitness News that he waived the criminal charges, which include simple assault and harassment to county court Monday, saying there was more to the story and it would come out in future court proceedings. Mccreary also faces theft and fraud charges in Dauphin County in connection with another former customer.