I-Team: “Surviving the Holidays”


 (WBRE/WYOU-TV)  The holiday season is here.. A time to come together with family and friends. It’s a time to gather around the dinner table and catch-up. But in today’s current social climate there may be an unwelcome guest at the table – politics. The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick reports on ‘Surviving the Holidays”.

  The iconic holiday move “Christmas Vacation’ highlighted the many challenges faced by Clark Griswold in his attempt to have the perfect family Christmas.

  But one challenge they did not face— political disagreements.

  “I would talk about something that touches everyone in a positive fashion as a way not to become confrontational”. Dr. John Mellon has studied Social Behavior for decades, including the dynamics of political discussions among family members. We will hear more from him in a bit. Enter John Keegan and Tricia Passeri from Hazleton. John is married to Tricia’s sister. He is a staunch Republican conservative. She a democrat with a liberal bent. They enjoy sharing the holidays but there are some ground rules.

  “I think from the beginning we agree to disagree and we know that I’m not trying to change his political ideology and he’s not attempting to change mine” said Tricia Passeri.

 “When President Trump was elected her sister specifically gave me orders not to bring up his name at the Thanksgiving table because she just felt it could ignite, erupt and just go off on a tangent”  said John Keegan.

Dr. Mellon agrees – trying to sway someone’s political point of view over the Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham – just doesn’t work.

  “I would say if something is in a person’s claw as they say and it’s been in their claw for 35 years we have to just accept that” Said Dr. John Mellon, Misercordia University Social Etiquette Expert.

 So —– what do you do?

  “In general we want to project a strong support for our beliefs but we also need to understand that sometimes our beliefs have been tried in the past unsuccessfully”  said Mellon.

Mellon says stay focused and be positive.

  “I would say bring up something the politician has done to make a positive.. Impact on society.” Noted Dr. Mellon.

As for John and Tricia will the holidays be ruined by politics?

  “No!, they will be ruined. If  I screw-up all the cooking. If I didn’t cook the way I cook.  Said John laughing—“That would mess up the holiday.”   

So just enjoy the feast – and save the politics for dessert

Doctor Mellon reminds people… Not to allow any disagreement to become personal– during the holidays or anytime throughout the year.

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