EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Can the mystery surrounding the 2005 disappearance of Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar be solved once and for all? A friend and colleague of Gricar’s says yes.

The I-Team reported on the Gricar case on Tuesday as part of a week-long look at cold cases from across our region.

Robert Buehner, the former Montour County District Attorney, who served as D.A. for 20 years, reached out to the I-Team after our report aired. He says he’s had information for quite some time that he believes could help solve the mystery surrounding Gricar’s disappearance.

“Complete heart break that this mystery has not been resolved,” said Buehner.

Buehner has researched the disappearance of his good friend Ray Gricar since the early days of the investigation. He has a file filled with information that he has collected, and says he’s confident this information as well as other information already gathered by investigators over the last 15 years could lead to answers.

“I strongly believe that Ray Gricar was the victim of foul play. I felt that from the early days of the investigation,” said Buehner.

An investigation that started to unfold on April 15, 2005. Gricar told his longtime girlfriend that he was going for a ride. His red Mini Cooper was discovered the next day parked outside “The Street Shops,” an antique mall in Lewisburg in Union County. His cell phone was inside the car, turned off. His laptop was found two weeks later in the nearby Susquehanna River. The hard drive was missing, it too was later found in the river but data could not be retrieved from it.

Buehner tells the I-Team: “I strongly believe that there are several people that are still alive who know what happened to Ray Gricar, know how he was lured to Lewisburg and know what happened after he was in Lewisburg.”

Buehner says over the years people have contacted him about the case.

“From the information I received from a couple of sources that reached out to me, which I passed on to investigators, I had a pretty strong sense in general who was responsible, the actual details, no, but specifically who did it, yes,” said Buehner.

“It is an open case. State Police detective is assigned to it, every year we get we have leads we follow them up,” said Bernie Cantorna, Centre County District Attorney.

Cantorna was elected as Centre County District Attorney in 2018. He says he too was a friend of Gricar. We asked him about the information that Buehner says he forwarded to investigators years ago.

“I can’t comment on the specifics regarding what he would have forwarded to the State Police or Bellefonte Police but there’s been multiple task force meetings, there have been rooms of investigators that had been looking at every piece of evidence. It is an important case for law enforcement as any that exists. We will review any information that comes to our office,” said Cantorna.

D.A. Cantorna urges anyone who has information about the case to contact State Police at Rockview or the Centre County District Attorney’s Office.