FREELAND, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) A small army of law enforcement raided several apartment buildings in Luzerne County early Monday morning.  Three people are locked up.. They face drugs and weapons charges– but Eyewitness News has learned the raids are also connected to a homicide case. The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick has been on this story all day.. 

The three arrested now face a wide variety of alleged crimes..but a federal agent told the I-Team it’s their potential link to the homicide of a man from out of state that has investigators really interested in the trio..

It was an early wake-up call for residents of two apartment buildings in Freeland. At sunrise federal, state and local officers converged  a building on Centre Street and at the same time hit an apartment building just around the corner on Washington Street..

Leading the raid were agents from the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms..the ATF..

The commotion took place as parents were walking their children to school on the first day of classes in Freeland.. Investigators arrested Roberto Torner and his wife Liza Robles. Detectives say they own both properties.

They were charged with allegedly selling heroin, weapons counts and arson. They are also accused of torching homes they owned in Weatherly in 2016 and Kidder Township in 2014.

Late Monday, police arrested David Alzugary of Freeland.. He worked for Torner and Robles.

Sources close to the investigation tell the I-team’s Andy Mehalshick-  Torner and Robles – may have information about a homicide of a man from out of state..who disappeared and who may be buried somewhere in the Freeland-Weatherly Area.

The trio has not been accused of homicide at this time.

Torner told the I-Team he has no idea what investigators are talking about. All three are locked up  unable to post $100,000 bail

Noon Report

FREELAND, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) An army of law enforcement officers on the move early this morning in Freeland. They raided to  buildings in the Luzerne County Borough. That operation continues at this hour. The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick has been on the scene all morning and joins us from Freeland. 

The i-Team has learned that two people are in custody and are expected to be charged at any time. 

 An ATF agent tells the I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick that  this raid is connected to a homicide investigation, as well as arson, drugs and weapons investigations in the Freeland area.

Federal, State and local officers hit two buildings just before 6 am.

They hit an apartment building on Center Street. Agents took two people out in handcuffs.

Roberto Torner and Lisa Robles both from Freeland the owners of the buildings.

The second building targeted in this operation is located just around the corner on Washington Street.

An ATF spokesperson the I-Team Torner and Robles face arson charges in connection with fires in Weatherly and Kidder Township.

Neighbors were stunned at what they were witnessing.

 The ATF says they are also looking for a former employee of Torner on weapons charges.

They are not releasing information  on the homicide case. We will have more coming up in later editions of Eyewitness News.