(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  Residents of a Wilkes-Barre neighborhood put up a fence in an effort to stop drug dealing and prostitution. They say city officials are not doing enough to help resolve the crime problems.  

It is six feet tall. 30 feet long. Has one purpose.

 “These people think that they literally own the street anymore. I’m tired of it. I’m not doing it anymore. I’m going to take back our neighborhood,” and that’s why Bruce Fairchild paid $1,200 to have a fence put up. It blocks off an unnamed alley between Hutson Street and Ivy Lane.

  “Just tired of the drug dealers, tired of them driving through here thinking they own the property, tired of them coming up this alley to shoot up. I’m tired of prostitutes hanging out. I’m tired of it period,” Said Fairchild.

 Fairchild and his neighbors say they have all had encounters with people they describe as “shady characters”.

  “They walk right up through my property and sometimes sit on my steps. It’s not acceptable you tell them that and they don’t care,” Said Butch Keithline.  This isn’t the first time the neighborhood has acted to stop the crime.

  “First it was chains we put up chains. They’d walk back and forth it didn’t matter. They’d look at you and smirk,” Noted Emil Feist. “Now with this fence up they just can’t walk back and forth.”

These folks hope this fence sends a message to city hall.

  “We have pleaded with the administration, city officials to help us up here. As you can see with this fence this is what we’ve become here in this neighborhood. This is what it’s become,” Said Denise Thomas.  And they all agree

 “Our police officers are overworked. We need the federal government in here we need help here. We’re at a crisis,” Noted Thomas.

Police Chief Joe Coffay, who is out of town, told us by phone they are aware of the crime there… And steps are underway to resolve the problems.

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