HUNLOCK CREEK, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- Back in December, there was a lot of police activity at a Luzerne County church.

Eyewitness News confirmed there was a state police raid, but at the time, no one would say why troopers were there. But now, we have the court documents explaining what led up to the raid.

Troopers are investigating allegations that the pastor of the church had sexual contact with a young man at the church.

The search warrant served on the pastor had been sealed by court order until Wednesday. The warrant contains details, allegations only at this time, of child sex abuse at the church.

In early December, state police could be scene removing boxes of documents and computers from inside Roaring Brook Baptist Church in Hunlock Creek.

The search warrant used at the time of the raid indicates troopers are investigating allegations that Pastor Dan Brubaker had sexual contact with a young boy at the church.

The young boy was taking part in a youth group class when, according to the warrant, Brubaker called him out of the class, took him to a basement room, and allegedly forced the boy to perform a sex act on him. According to the search warrant Brubaker told him, “God would want you to do this.”

The day of the raid, Brubaker told Eyewitness New he wasn’t going to answer any questions.

The warrant states the boy told police Brubaker instructed him not to tell anyone. The alleged victim, who is now 19, said Brubaker molested him at least three times when he was in first or second grade.

Troopers interviewed Pastor Brubaker last May and asked him for youth club records. Those documents were never provided so they obtained the search warrant.

Brubaker had nothing to say Wednesday but his attorney, George Gossett, said in a statement:

“My client denies all of the allegations details in the search warrant. We have no further comment at the time.”

Jennifer George is a member of the church and says she simply cannot believe that its longtime pastor and friend could ever sexually molest a child.

“He’s been to our house for parties, we went to his kids’ wedding, we’re like family. I would never believe anything.”

According to the search warrant affidavit, the alleged victim came forward last year. He went to college and could not focus. He then returned home and told his mother about the alleged sexual molestation.

Brubaker has not been charged with a crime. The district attorney tells Eyewitness News the investigation is continuing.