SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Making sure no child goes hungry is the mission of local lawmakers teaming up with a volunteer organization.

Volunteers and representatives with the Child Hunger Outreach Partners also known as CHOP with busy in Scranton Friday morning.

They packed up hundreds of bags of food for children in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

Dani Rubo, the founder of CHOP, spoke about the number of youngsters the program helps throughout the year.

“We serve about 30,000 kids a week right now and in September will be up above 60,000 kids a week so many many,” said Rubo.

These bags are usually distributed at the schools but with summer around the corner, the kids will have new locations within their communities to pick up their bags.

The pickup site locations ranged from community centers to summer camps and libraries. Kids attending summer school will also be able to receive their bags there.

“There are breakfast items there are pop tarts there are donuts there’s also healthy bars there is fruit loop cereal and I believe we have macaroni and cheese and applesauce and green beans so there’s nutritious value to this as well it’s not junk food we’re actually making sure that these children are receive good nutrition food the weekend” explained Drew Popish the Northeast Regional Director, office of Josh Shapiro.

Over 500 bags were packed within 45 minutes inside this Scranton warehouse by volunteers, helping out more than 500 children.

“It’s just so exciting to think about an entire generation that won’t know hunger so these kids that we start serving in kindergarten by the time they graduate they will never had to wonder where their next meal was coming from. we’ve been able to feel like that for them,” added Rubo.

“Just giving out to your you know to your communicate it means to world especially our children. I think our children are the most venerable and they’re our future so we have to make sure that they’re prepared and successful and prepared to be successful in the future,” continued Donahue state rep 113 District Lackawanna County.

All of the funding for the food comes from grants and donations.

Again, any student is eligible for a bag during the summer months regardless of income.

You can find more information on the year-round program on the CHOP Hunger website.