SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Weather conditions were perfect for a Scranton company to display its patriotism on this Fourth of July.

Last year, workers at North American Manufacturing created what they believe is the world’s largest, free-flying American flag.

On Tuesday they got a chance to show it off.

On Independence Day, cars were slowing down and even stopping on the North Scranton Expressway to check out the huge American flag.

Creators say because the flag was made in the Electric City it is only appropriate that it should be displayed here.

“It took my breathe away. It’s beautiful, it’s magnificent, it represents so much about what is great about our country!” Suzi Shea said.

Suzi and Joe Shea own North American Manufacturing and Shea Demolition.

Their companies both created and put up what they believe is the world’s largest free-flying American flag.

That means it isn’t attached to a pole.

While this American flag was sewn together last year, the wind has to be just right to fly such a massive creation.

“The wind cooperated with us today, that was the main thing because if it’s six miles-per-hour or up, it gets all tangled up,” Joe Shea said.

All day, cars stopped to take pictures.

Employees even came by to check out the American flag.

“It’s a very awesome feeling to know that we did it. Just go by, we stopped, I seen it, it’s just a very awesome feeling,” employee Carl Holzman of Scranton said.

At 60 feet, six inches by 90 feet, six inches, this American flag may be just a little bit bigger than the flag that hangs on the George Washington bridge at times.

To display the large flag in Scranton is no easy task.

“We were holding onto the bottom of it, trying to get it straight and it was lifting me up off the ground as the wind was blowing so you realize how strong it is and how big it is,” Suzi Shea said.

On this Independence Day holiday, the Shea’s want their symbol to send only one message.

“God Bless America! That’s all I can say!” Joe Shea said.

In all, the large American flag weighs between 400 and 500 pounds.

It was taken down at sunset.

Joe and Suzi Shea say they would like to display the large American flag on other important national holidays in the future but say everything will be weather dependent.