EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Oh, deer! It’s that time of year again, collisions between cars and deer are more common this time of year.

Pennsylvanians, according to State Farm, have a 1-in-57 chance of being involved in an animal-related crash, the sixth highest in the nation.

Workers at SJM Auto Sales and repairs are staying busy so far this season. The owner, Stephen Martonick, says two to three damaged vehicles, from cars to trucks, are coming in each day.

“The initial impact from the deer was concentrated in this left front area here but like it happens so many times when they get hit, they’ll spin out and then comes back and hits the vehicle again,” explained Martonick.

An additional impact means an additional cost, and Martonick says with increasing technology, repair costs have gone up.

“Between airbags, and now with the new crash sensors, the radar sensors in the front, just a minimal one could be, like, eight, nine thousand dollars,” said Martonick.

Late Fall and early Winter are when drivers are most likely to have a deer-related crash. Dawn and dusk are peak times for deer activity.

Trooper William Evans with the Pennsylvania State Police Troop P says if you spot a deer, there’s probably another nearby.

“They travel in packs,” stated Evans.

Trooper Evans reminds drivers to stay alert, pay attention to the road, look out for deer crossing signs, and drive the speed limit.

“If a deer does cross in front of you, it’s better to brake than to swerve. That’s the big rule we try to tell people. Not a sudden slam on the brakes but slowly and calmly press your brakes,” instructed Evans.

“They get off the road and into a ditch, then hit a tree which is more impact to you and more chance of getting injured,” described Martonick.

State Police say if you do hit a deer, pull over to the side of the road with your flashers on and call 911.