CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We continue to learn more about the man arrested in the Poconos early Friday morning charged with the murders of four University of Idaho students.

Police have been conducting a homicide investigation since November 13, when four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death in their off-campus home.

“Since November, we have remained laser-focused on pursuing every lead in our pursuit of justice for the victims and their families,” said James Fry, chief of the Moscow Idaho Police Department.

After working tirelessly, receiving over 19,000 tips, and conducting over 300 interviews, law enforcement had a break in their investigation on the other side of the country — right here in our area.

“I just walked up the stairs and said, you’re not going to believe this.’ I said, ‘the guy from Idaho, they found him here,'” said Ryan Gorman, a visitor to the Poconos.

28-year-old, Bryan Kohberger was taken into custody just before 2 a.m. Friday in Indian Mountain Lake, a private, gated community in Monroe County.

“This morning when I went out for a little walk, I noticed that there were helicopters everywhere flying around,” Gorman told Eyewitness News.

New information as of Saturday, according to Kohberger’s court-appointed public defender, Kohberger intends to waive his extradition hearing, expediting his transport to Idaho.

Monroe County’s Chief Public Defender said in part:

“Mr. Kohberger has been accused of very serious crimes, but the American justice system cloaks him in a veil of innocence. He should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise, not tried in the court of public opinion.” Jason allen labar, esq. Chief public defender

“No arrest will ever bring back these young students. However, we do believe justice will be found through the criminal process,” Chief Fry said.

Kohberger is charged with four counts of first-degree murder, plus felony burglary.

A press conference in Moscow, Idaho soon followed the arrest, shedding more light on the suspect himself.

Kohberger is a Ph.D. student in the department of criminal justice and criminology at Washington State University, just a nine-minute drive from the University of Idaho there the murders happened.

The motive behind the killings remains a large piece of the investigation.

“We are still looking for more information, we’re still trying to build that picture just like we have stated all along. We’re putting all the pieces together,” Chief Fry explained.

Due to Idaho state law, law enforcement is limited on the details they can share until Kohberger has his initial appearance in Idaho court.

“We continue to believe that the best way we can honor these four lives that have been taken is to make sure we have a successful outcome here,” Colonel Kendrick Wills said.

An extradition hearing is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at the Monroe County courthouse.

Kohberger remains locked up in the Monroe County correctional facility. A judge has denied bail.