LARKSVILLE BOROUGH, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We are starting a new feature on Eyewitness News called ‘Here’s to You Kid’ featuring ordinary young people doing extraordinary things.

For the first feature, Eyewitness News presents a Danville student who had the opportunity of a lifetime, being able to sign the National Anthem at the Tricky Triangle. A dream come true and a big accomplishment for Taylor Beagle.

At 10 years old, Taylor took center stage at Pocono Raceway for NASCAR race weekend. In front of thousands of fans and millions of viewers.

“I did the National Anthem, I signed it and it was a really cool experience for me because I’ve never done it before,” said Taylor.

Taylor was surrounded by family at the track. She even got a picture with race car drivers Denny Hamlin and David Starr. You could say she’s a pretty big NASCAR fan.

“My favorite part of the race is when it goes green,” said Taylor.

Taylor has been hard of hearing all her life. She perfected her ability to sign at The Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.

When asked to sign the national anthem for the NASCAR Cup Series, Taylor says she was a little nervous but got through it with the help of one of her teachers, Mary Ann Stefko, who was able to be there for Taylor’s big weekend after many hours of practice.

Taylor’s in summer school now but will be entering the fifth grade this upcoming fall.

“Taylor picks things up really quickly, I’ve always been really impressed with her,” stated Dean Pettinato, Principal of The Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.

Taylor recently started a new reading intervention program at the school, which has improved not only her reading but her confidence.

“Visual phonics teaches how they can hear the letters and the sounds and then they can teach them how to sound out the spelling words,” said Taylor.

“To see her sign the national anthem like that just shows how much her confidence has really improved,” Pettinato added.

But it wasn’t always that way.

“Her first day of school she was crying and wanted her mom and dad and she struggled on her first day. To see her now how much she’s improved and developed over the years is just very very impressive,” Pettinato stated.

Taylor says she’s a lot more comfortable now. Especially after her brother Ethan joined her the school.

“I feel like I fit in here really well and I really like the school because it’s a beautiful place,” Taylor added.

But when that school bell rings, she’s ready to go home and play with her cats.

“So one orange cat is Pumpkin and the other cat is Rocket,” Beagle explained.

She also enjoys being active outside with her friends, despite the heat.

Race weekend was a dream come true for Taylor. After this accomplishment in the Poconos, she’s setting her sights even higher.

“I would sign the National Anthem all over the world,” Taylor said.

The dreams, however, don’t stop there.

“One day I want to be a race car driver,” Taylor stated.

Here’s to you, Taylor.

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