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Helping Hands Wildlife Center cautions people to think before buying ducks and bunnies as pets


(WBRE/ WYOU)- It may be tempting buy a bunny or even a baby duck if you catch one for sale just in time for easter. But Helping Hands Wildlife Center in Pottsville is urging people to resist the temptation. 

“If you don’t have a farm, i’m sorry. Don’t buy it… Do the animal a service by leaving it there,” Mary McCabe, a volunteer for Helping Hands Wildlife Center said.

Or it could end up like this little ducky.

Oliver is a domestic duck. He was bought by somebody but decided they didn’t want him anymore. So they dropped him off at a local dam. Now he doesn’t know how to be around other ducks because he is imprinted by humans.

When an animal becomes imprinted it thinks it is normal to be around humans.

“They’re raised by humans, they don’t know how to feed themselves, they don’t know how to do anything,” Lynn Dierwechter, owner of Helping Hands Wildlife Center said.

The non-profit normally doesn’t rescue domestic animals but they now have their hands full with four baby ducks and four bunnies. Forcing them to use their limited resources to help them on top of their normal rescues.

The wildlife center warns. If you are considering on picking up one of these kinds of animals be sure you can commit. 

“They look real cute in the store when they’re this big. And then they grow. And I would say no. Think with your head. Not with your heart,” McCabe said.

“Do your research before you invest in this animal. Do your research before you go up there and impulsive buy this animal,” Dierwechter said.

Helping hands adds that you should also check your city laws for any animal ordinances.

If you’ve already bought a baby duck, bunny or chicken and decide you do not want it, helping hands recommends calling an animal shelter or the place you bought it from. The center recommends you help the place you bought it to see if you can find it another home instead of throwing it out. 

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