LENOX TOWNSHIP, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The heavy, wet snow that fell Monday into Tuesday is causing more than just driving problems.

“It’s crazy we had 70-degree weather the past couple of days,” said Charlotte Buchanan, manager at Pump Pantry.

Now — a different story. A snowstorm toward the end of April created power outages at homes and businesses.

“I walked in with no power. Can’t do anything with no power. No food. No coffee. Nothing” stated Buchanan.

“I came here, got out, and noticed there was no power and nothing on. // Now I’m going to drive to work and hopefully get gas after work,” explained Dan Lifrod.

“People need to be careful. Trees are down. Power lines are down. Stores are closed all over the place. People should stay home if they’re smart for a while,” stated Kevin Munley.

Driving along state route 92, you could see multiple fires caused by down power lines and trees blocking the roadway.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact this storm had across our area.

“Accidents all over the place. Power lines down. There’s power out from the NY border through here and Lackawanna and Wyoming counties,” explained Munley.

Late season snowstorms are nothing new to natives they say you always need to stay prepared.

“It got warm, and everyone thought it was warm again. It’s PA. It can snow until June so you gotta be ready for what’s coming,” said Munley.

“But at the same point, we just drove through it all winter so everyone should kinda know, you gotta be safe. Bridges are going to be extra icy. After you come under an overpass it’s going to be a little slippery,” stated Liford.

There is a down power line on State Route 92 in Lenox Township which is sparking on the ground. It has created a small fire. There is another down line on State Route 92 which has caused a line of fire through a wooded area.

Fire crews are monitoring both but say they can’t do anything until the power company comes out. A little further down State Route 92, the road is shut down due to a down tree covering the street.

For Susquehanna County residents you can check the power outage map on FirstEnergy.