WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Families across the Commonwealth are coming together for the Thanksgiving holiday. One local medical professional is reminding people to be careful at large gatherings to help limit the spread of infectious diseases.

Nearly 55 million people are expected to travel this holiday weekend, according to AAA.

It’s the third Thanksgiving with COVID and Doctor Rulul Dalal, Medical Director of Infectious Diseases at UPMC Williamsport says the cases aren’t as high as in previous years. However, we should still be cautious at gatherings.

“Be careful when you’re going to these events because you are going to bump into of course your parents, your grandparents, your elderly aunt or uncles,” stated Dr. Dalal.

One resident says she’s vaccinated and feels prepared to celebrate with loved ones.

“No, I’m not concerned because my doctor said it’s okay to travel. If he said no, I wouldn’t go but I’m excited to go,” said Bambi Phillips, a Thanksgiving traveler.

She and her husband Mark are on headed to Lancaster for the holiday. He’s also not worried about gathering around others.

“Not at all, nope. I just live my life the way I always do,” Thanksgiving traveler Mark Phillips said.

Dr. Dalal suggests keeping three ideas in mind.

“The audience, where you’re going, what type of seeing it’s going to be and number three is where did you go before this particular event?” explained Dr. Dalal.

You can also take an at-home COVID test before the gathering and crack a window for ventilation.

“The most important thing is, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Dr. Dalal stated.

Dr. Dalal says practicing these health tips can limit the number of infectious disease cases after the holidays.